It is a safe and effective procedure for treating a variety of spinal conditions. The surgery although very technical, is performed safely and efficiently by well trained surgeons in specific training and experience in MISS techniques. Key hole surgery or MISS surgeries range from decompressions and discectomies, with instrumented fusions and corrective deformity reconstruction. The keyhole surgery involves less soft tissue dissection, less bleeding with lower complication rates.


In this procedure, numerous small incisions (less than 1 inch in diameter), or puncture sites are made. Then, an endoscope (a thin, lighted tube with an attached camera) and surgical instruments are passed through these incisions. The endoscope allows the surgeon to inspect the problem area without having to make a large incision.

Advantages of key hole surgery includes

  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Faster mobilization
  • Risk of infection and blood loss is reduced
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Improves functionality and form of back muscles
  • Aesthetically appealing small incisions
  • Rapid recovery to mobilization
  • Faster return to daily life activities
  • Reduction of postoperative infection rate